The What, Who, Why and How’s of In*Focus


  • In*Focus is a space for presenting, examining, and discussing significant issues that we, and the world, are presently facing.
  • In*Focus is a place to examine personal belief systems, challenge unhelpful views and put new ideas into practice.


  • In*Focus will highlight topics currently of special concern to life on the planet, especially those that are highly stigmatized. Some examples are mental health; race, gender, religious and cultural differences; issues facing our children and youth; environmental degradation.
  • In*Focus will emphasis the transformation of the reader, as a means for sustainable change.


  • The reality of global interconnectedness on economic, environmental, and spiritual levels no longer allows us to believe that these issues are ‘out there’ or ‘someone else’s hardship’. Issues of violence, climate change, and discrimination have shown themselves in our neighbourhoods, in Canada, and across the world. These are having a profound impact on shaping social norms and will affect us for generations to come. It will only be by examining our own thoughts and emotions around these issues that we will begin to move beyond them to a place of empathy. It will be from this way of seeing that real change can begin.

HOW: In*Focus will work to illuminate and ultimately decrease stigma by:

  • Presenting relevant information about the topic
  • Discussing the actual effects of stigma and discrimination on society
  • Engaging personal stories to encourage empathy
  • Providing tools to alter and enhance our way of thinking about stigmas
  • Including practical methods for making a difference
  • Sharing supportive resources for those facing stigmas

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