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The Wonder Walls

10 Remarkable Stories of Personal Triumph

44 Inspirational Postcards or Posters

I was fortunate enough to recently receive my much-anticipated copy of “The Wonder Walls”.

Being a long-time friend of the creative mind behind this “gobe” blog and company mindset, I feel immensely proud to be holding this tangible and fruitful document. It is inspiring to know that a concept that has been in someone’s mind is now beginning to see the light of day. There are few individuals in this world that have a dream, pursue the dream and can begin to see its fruition.

The timing of this book could not have been more appropriate. Given the state of the world, I often think how even a small gesture of positivity goes a long way. In the hustle and bustle of living in the city, it seems at times that you are watching the world through a pane-glass window. People are rushing by, barely touching, going about their business with little regard for the other people around them. Though I try to find the joy in little things, at times it feels as if there is so much negativity around that it becomes much like finding a needle in a haystack.

The idea of the “Wonder Walls” is a truly integrative and innovative societal concept. In today’s world we are often bombarded by negativity, are quick-to-react and judge, and are told to exhaust ourselves in order to earn a living. A project like this is necessary to remind us to stop, breathe, and bring a positive experience life, even if it is for just a second. You have no idea the power that positive action may have. For one person, it just may make all the difference in the world.

Full of local art, quotes and stories, The Wonder Walls makes an incredible gift of gratitude and positivity to complete one year and begin a new one.


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