The following perspective is an excerpt from The Wonder Walls: From the Streets of Toronto. Rachel Weinstock is an educator and entrepreneur who facilitates creative play-focused workshops. The Wonder Walls brings together 10-unique perspectives from remarkable people who have used positive solutions to overcome life’s challenges. It also features 44-inspirational message postcards that showcase the walls of this culturally diverse city. The 8isGreat platform encourages you to choose which of our empowerment partnership organizations you want a part of our proceeds to benefit. To read more about this perspective story or to order your copy, please visit www.gobegreetings.com

I’m commonly known as Ms. Rainbow Fairy because of my alternative approach to teaching. I’m passionate about creating a better world through play and creativity!

As a child, I endured the abuse of being bullied. Along with overcoming these challenges, it also left me with the deep knowing that adults need to create safe spaces for all children and others that are vulnerable. Ultimately, we need to be kinder to one another and integrate this into our school systems. This is the foundation to support our emotional and overall well-being later in life. We will be better able to grow into happier adults who can make conscientious decisions.

In my personal life, I have faced many challenges – all of which has helped me step into my power as a creative facilitator. This opportunity is my way of manifesting good in this world. I am creating a “movement” that inspires people to connect to their inner child, embrace their passions and then to step more and more into their own power. My sharing my truth allows me to be a better role model to them and stand with them to remind them that their full intelligence is not one that our current school system can properly measure.

My dreams that I have had all my life are starting to come true, but I have to be the one committed to continue working on them. I feel the universe or whatever higher power there is supports me in this. I wish the very same for all of us on this planet. Imagine if everyone was living their dream and able to offer their unique gifts that they came to this earth to share. Imagine the joy, the love, the harmony that would and CAN exist.


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