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David Suzuki

PROPHET: from the Greek προφήτης (profétés) meaning advocate*.

A prophet is not one who predicts the future.

Rather, a prophet is one who speaks the truth of the present moment. 

David Suzuki is a prophetic voice for environmental rights and responsibilities. Over his long career, Suzuki has been a genetics professor, authored more than 50 books, and developed popular radio and television shows on a range of scientific topics. Perhaps most significantly, he has been a global activist for sustainability, responsible development, and climate concerns. Recently, at the age of 78, Suzuki led a cross-Canada tour aimed at mobilizing Canadians to demand that the right to clean air, fresh water, and healthy food be included in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Dr. Suzuki speaks clearly and honestly about the state of our planet. Like prophets of past, he is often ignored, dismissed or persecuted, yet he continues to advocate with integrity and tenacity for the only home we have: the blue dot.









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